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At Medcal Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on being able to work with your doctor to provide customized medication for your specific needs. Through compounded medication we’re able to customize the dosing, satisfy a shortage of commercially made products, and make a route of administration that does not exist for a commercially prepared product (Example: Changing from pill to compounded liquid).

We also believe that having a close relationship with our patients delivers a better level of care. Compounded medication benefits patients when they are allergic to an excipient of a commercially prepared product. It’s this customization and relationship that is the cornerstone of everything we do at Medcal Pharmacy.

What is a compounding pharmacy?

Compounding is the process of combining, mixing, or altering ingredients to create a medication tailored to the needs of an individual patient.

Not all pharmacies have compounding capabilities. To be approved for compounding, requirements include the proper lab with strenuous quality and safety standards and licensed staff with years of compounding experience.

Our lab is constantly monitored — Room temperature, humidity, and pressure are controlled by a sophisticated HVAC system.

Over 100+ years of combined experience in the pharmacy space, at some of the largest compounding pharmacies in the country.

We follow and exceed safety standards mapped out by the USP chapter 795 for nonsterile and chapter 797 for sterile.

How we can help

We Offer Compounded Medications
For A Range Of Different Medical Needs


We are a one-stop shop able to supply commercially available medications and information to help on your fertility journey.
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Pain Management

The active ingredients in our compounded pain creams can be tailor made based on the type of pain a patient may be experiencing.
Moisture for skin


From foams to creams and ointments, we’re your resource for all of your custom dermatology medication needs.
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From Anal Fissures or Crohn’s Disease to Ulcerative Colitis and other Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, we have a solution.
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A diverse range of creams that aid in the pre, post, and maintenance stages of rejuvenative cosmetic care.

Weight Loss

Our weight loss solutions have been shown to help regulate your appetite, assist metabolism, and release fat deposits.

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We view Medcal Pharmacy as the perfect mix of art and science. We have extensive experience with science on the compounding side, while we are constantly perfecting the art of patient service.