Customized Solutions For Rejuvenative Cosmetic Care

Treatments For

At Medcal we have many formulations to combat all forms of skin conditions and believe we can help you. Your doctor can be reassured we have access to all active ingredients of the highest quality, and will make sure the preparation is exactly what you need.

Aesthetics Solutions

We provide a diverse range of creams that aid in the pre, post, and maintenance stages of rejuvenative cosmetic care.

BLT Cream

This compounded medicinal cream is a triple ingredient anesthetic that a patient may need before dermatological procedures. It numbs the skin and patients apply prior to their appointment for procedures such as laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, botox, and other dermatological procedures.

Peel Cream

The combination of active ingredients and unique concentrations allow us to prepare a specialized cream for your specific skin type and condition. Each formulation has the ability to unclog pores, clarify skin, remove bumps and swelling, reduce hyperpigmentation, and help reduce wrinkles.

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